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Politically Incorrect Face Masks

20+ New Designs Ready To Go!
We have a few designs which are NOT politically correct but that's OK :)
And for those people who refuse to wear a conventional mask we have these new masks which probably won't filter much out but will sure get you some looks the next time you are told to wear a mask in a retail store.
New all black face masks with built-in filter.
filter face mask
We have 6 brand-new Camo designed masks with the over the ear design which are crazy comfortable. You'll hardly even know you are wearing a mask they are so comfortable.
All our VIP customers know we're had face masks for years BUT what no one knew until a few weeks is we now have nearly 20 designs (compared to 2-3 designs).
While other companies have raised their prices we have actually LOWERED our price by 8%.
If you are here in the U.S.A. we ship at no-chargeAnd YES we ship international for a small fee, just choose your country at checkout.
We are running a special promotion while supplies last where if you buy 3 Pie Hole Covers (aka face mask) you can choose one for free :)
CODE: mask
Simply add 4 masks to your cart and use code "MASK" at checkout to get the 4th FREE!
CLICK HERE to see all the new designs - We just added a few new designs this evening which are sure to sell out in the next day or two. Make sure to scroll through all the pages of masks as there are more than what is shown on the 1st page.
COMMENT below telling us which Face Mask is your favorite...

Facebook contest winner

We recently ran a contest on Facebook asking people to post the time they saw the post. 

We did not tell anyone it was a contest for a free piece of badass skull and biker jewelry.


Yes it was :)

It pays off sometimes to comment and interact with SkullJewelry.com on social media.

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Go to the top of any page here at SkullJewelry.com and click on the social media buttons to follow us and like some of our posts. Please also tag us when posting pics of you with our jewelry.

Congratulations to Tim Royston. Please contact us and let us know which ring you would like!


Please always Link, Comment and Share our posts as you never know which one is a contest :)

$20 Tuesday - Temperature Ring

Do you know instantly what your temperature is?
Well with our new Temperature Ring you will know instantly
temperature ring
$20 Tuesday items normally sell out within a few hours. And we suspect these will go fast as well.
These crazy cool but useful rings are available in 5 different colors and 8 different sizes. Made of Solid Titanium steel they will never rust or tarnish and never require batteries.
Sugested Retail: $60
Everyday Price: $31.85
$20 Tuesday Price: $20
Use code "tuesday" at checkout to
have the price adjusted to only $20

New Don't Fear the Reaper Pendant

Brand-New & For Todays #DealoftheDay Save HALF OFF the Don't Fear the Reaper Pendant.

CLICK HERE to see a video and photos of the new pendant.

Use code: dodc175 to cut the price in 1/2.

The code is dod for dealoftheday and the item# is C as in Closeout and #175 so the entire code to use is "dodc175" or click here and the code will automatically be added to the cart at checkout and the price will be cut in half.

No other codes or discounts may be used.


New For July 2020 - Salty ol' Captain Skull Ring

Once a month or so on a Tuesday we will run a sale called $20 Tuesday. On this day we will choose one brand-new item and discount it to only $20 plus free shipping in the U.S.A.

We normally lose money on $20 Tuesday items but the positive reviews and testimonials are worth it.

There is no limit to how many you can buy at $20/each.

old man in the sea moby dick skull ring

CLICK HERE to see a video on this weeks item

Suggested Retail: $94.95
$20 Tuesday Price: $20

Use code "tuesday" at checkout to knock the price on this new item to only $20.

Again the code is "tuesday".

Also, NO back-orders! NO other discount codes!

Once sold out you will have to wait for them to come back in-stock and pay regular price.

CLICK HERE to see all of our various 
collections of merchandise.



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