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$20 Tuesday - new ring and new pendant

Normally we unveil one new item on Tuesdays and mark it down to only $20 but this week we have two item. One new ring and one new pendant.
$20 Tuesday items normally sell out within a few hours. And we suspect these will go fast as well.
Use code "TUESDAY" at checkout to lower the price of one or both items to only $20

Name Me - WIN Me - Native American Ring

Use code "win237" to get this new ring at 20% off - ENDS AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!

CLICK HERE TO BUY & To See More Information
& Images of this New Skull Ring

We're doing this so #1 we can collect some kick-butt reviews on this new ring. What better way to get reviews then discount this ring under cost and get it on the fingers of our badass customers.

win this new native american ring

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& Images of this New Skull Ring

All entries are date & time stamped. 

Scroll down to make your name suggestion.

If you do not wish to order online you may call us toll-free at 1-866-457-5855 (1-866-45-SKULL)

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& Images of this New Skull Ring

CLICK HERE to see some of our new designs.

We're located in Utah and all items ordered before 4pm are shipped the same day. If you don't like ordering online please call us at 1-866-457-5855 (1-866-45-SKULL)

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Veterans Day - Free Bracelet Offer

veterans day free bracelet

Sale ends at midnight. Orders will ship tomorrow as the post office is closed today. No other codes may be used, in-stock items only.

Use code "RED" or "BLUE" at checkout and not only receive 35% off your entire order but also receive a matching 'Red Lives Matter' or 'Blue Lives Matter' bracelet for FREE


Make An Offer - No Reasonable Offer Refused

make an offer saleWe need to make space for all of the new items which will be going online in the next few weeks.

We are having our 1st EVER 'Make An Offer' Sale on all clearance items.

Click Here to visit the clearance section and feel free to make any reasonable offer you would like. We will have 7-days to accept your offer and you can pull your offer during those 7-days if the offer was no accepted.

Please keep in mind that many items we may only have one or two in stock which means quite a few other people may be making offers as well.


CLICK HERE to see all items you can make an offer on.

Silver Legend 'Bear Claw' Ring

Silver Legend  'Bear Claw' Ring

bear paw ring

$20 Tuesday items normally sell out within a few hours. And we suspect these will go fast as well.

Brand-New Silver Legend Bear Paw Ring 

CLICK HERE to see this weeks $20 Tuesday promo.

Sugested Retail: $75
Everyday Price: $29.81
$20 Tuesday Price: $20

Use code "tuesday" at checkout to
have the price adjusted to only $20

CLICK HERE for more info

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Politically Incorrect Face Masks

20+ New Designs Ready To Go!
We have a few designs which are NOT politically correct but that's OK :)
And for those people who refuse to wear a conventional mask we have these new masks which probably won't filter much out but will sure get you some looks the next time you are told to wear a mask in a retail store.
New all black face masks with built-in filter.
filter face mask
We have 6 brand-new Camo designed masks with the over the ear design which are crazy comfortable. You'll hardly even know you are wearing a mask they are so comfortable.
All our VIP customers know we're had face masks for years BUT what no one knew until a few weeks is we now have nearly 20 designs (compared to 2-3 designs).
While other companies have raised their prices we have actually LOWERED our price by 8%.
If you are here in the U.S.A. we ship at no-chargeAnd YES we ship international for a small fee, just choose your country at checkout.
We are running a special promotion while supplies last where if you buy 3 Pie Hole Covers (aka face mask) you can choose one for free :)
CODE: mask
Simply add 4 masks to your cart and use code "MASK" at checkout to get the 4th FREE!
CLICK HERE to see all the new designs - We just added a few new designs this evening which are sure to sell out in the next day or two. Make sure to scroll through all the pages of masks as there are more than what is shown on the 1st page.
COMMENT below telling us which Face Mask is your favorite...

Facebook contest winner

We recently ran a contest on Facebook asking people to post the time they saw the post. 

We did not tell anyone it was a contest for a free piece of badass skull and biker jewelry.


Yes it was :)

It pays off sometimes to comment and interact with SkullJewelry.com on social media.

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Go to the top of any page here at SkullJewelry.com and click on the social media buttons to follow us and like some of our posts. Please also tag us when posting pics of you with our jewelry.

Congratulations to Tim Royston. Please contact us and let us know which ring you would like!


Please always Link, Comment and Share our posts as you never know which one is a contest :)

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