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  • More winners of Skull Rings listed here
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More winners of Skull Rings listed here

Congratulations to Today's Winners of Badass Skull Rings.


Winners are:


Back in Black Stainless Steel Skull Ring - Matte Black Skull Ring


Lance Maynard

Johnathon Webb of Henrietta, Oklahoma

John Gabriel 

Bryon Rabanal of Portland, Oregon

Tonya Lazaro


American Biker Gold/Silver Tone Ring

Michael Morris of Baltimore, Maryland



Old School Badass Sturgis Stainless Steel Skull Ring - Very Similar to the famous Keith Richards Skull ring made by Courts and Hackett

Christopher Shane Sparks
Steven Jacobson of Cottage Grove, Minnesota


Lords Prayer Skull Ring With Gold Cross

Joee Boyer  of Cheyenne, Wyoming


Angel Wing Stainless Steel Ring - anillo de alas de ángel

Angel Skees of Auburn Hills, Michigan



If your name is listed above please contact us from your Facebook page and send us a Private Message so we can verify your identity. Once you contact us we will send you a special 100% discount code so you can receive your new badass skull ring at no charge. We even cover taxes and shipping :-)


Each of the winners above we have linked to their Facebook profile. Feel free to contact each of them and congratulate them on winning.


We have several contest running right now.


Visit our Facebook fanpage and enter your name into several contests. Always make sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE for the best chance of winning.


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