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  • $20 Tuesday - 3 new rings
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    J.R. Jackson

$20 Tuesday - 3 new rings

Check out this lineup of big, bold and heavy skull rings all on sale at only $20/each today only!

Buy 1, 2 or all 3 at only $20 each you could resell these for 3 even 4 times your money!

These rings retail for $119 each and we sell them normally for over $28.93 BUT today you can pick and choose any of the 3 at only $20 each.

From time to time we run a sale called $20 Tuesday. What we do is choose a new item (today it is actually 3 items) and sell them for only $20 each.

It's obvious that we lose money doing these BUT we get a ton of reviews and testimonials which to us is priceless.

CLICK HERE to see todays $20 Tuesday items. Make sure to use code "tuesday" to knock the price from $28.93 to only $20!

Again you can buy 1, 2 or all 3 - at this price we recommend all 3 :)

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    J.R. Jackson

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