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  • Congratulations to our latest winner!
  • winner announced

Congratulations to our latest winner!

Congratulations to our latest winner!

We posted a picture on Facebook and asked people to; LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE. We randomly selected one winner.

And the winner is (drum roll)...

Frank Bradshaw of North Shores, Michigan!

Frank, to confirm your identity please private message us through our Facebook page HERE letting us know you are the winner.

This contest was for ANY ring in ANY size from our in-stock collection. Check out our entire collection at http://SkullJewelry.com and let us know which ring you would like. We cover not only the ring but also shipping so everything is FREE!

Again, congratulations.

To everyone else please check out our big sale by CLICKING HERE!

Even if you are not todays winner we encourage you to post this image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and you will be entered into another drawing to win one of these rings in your size. Make sure when posting you use keywords (aka hashtags); #skulljewelry #skulljewelryDOTcom #skullrings #skulljewelrycontest and any other keywords you can think of.

  • winner announced

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  • Oct 12, 2015

    i want to win thank love this jewelry

    β€” greg allen

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