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Facebook contest winner

We recently ran a contest on Facebook asking people to post the time they saw the post. 

We did not tell anyone it was a contest for a free piece of badass skull and biker jewelry.


Yes it was :)

It pays off sometimes to comment and interact with SkullJewelry.com on social media.

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YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqcLBNo-2fvsabe7yorQu7A

Go to the top of any page here at SkullJewelry.com and click on the social media buttons to follow us and like some of our posts. Please also tag us when posting pics of you with our jewelry.

Congratulations to Tim Royston. Please contact us and let us know which ring you would like!


Please always Link, Comment and Share our posts as you never know which one is a contest :)

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    J.R. Jackson
  • contestgiveaway

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