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  • July 26th WINNER!
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July 26th WINNER!

Here are some of our *NEW* $20 Tuesday items which are all on sale for only $20 with FREE shipping here in the U.S.A. (small shipping fee for the rest of the World).



Our crazy 'Christmas in July' sale was set to happen for ONE-DAY only and that was 2 Weeks ago.

However, we had a little glitch.

When running some specially designed software which changed all the prices to a flat $20 it also deleted a lot of data like; description, videos etc.

We were afraid to run the software again which would have put the prices back to the higher prices in fear that it would delete other data.

So here we are 2 weeks later and we are having to MANUALLY change the prices and MANUALLY input all new descriptions, videos, photos etc.

So what I am getting at is about 65% of the entire inventory is still priced at only $20 (which in a lot of the cases is WAY UNDER OUR COST TO MAKE).

We are working as fast as we can to change the prices but we will honor and/all orders at the $20 price point. So the bottomline is if you see something and it is still available you should grab it :-)

We just announced a *NEW* Winner of a badass piece of skull jewelry.

BUT...ย Before we get to the newest winnerย we wanted to let you know we are having our 1ST EVER...

Christmas in July sale!

We have all items on sale for only $20/each!

YES!!! Even some of the rings which sell for close to $200 are now 1/10th of the price at only $20.

No codes can be used and all items are limited to what is in-stock.

ORDER TODAY AND YOUR ITEMS SHIP TODAY! Free here in the U.S.A. (small fee for international customers; $9.95 Canada, $12.95 rest of the World)

CLICK HERE to see all of the items.

Christmas in July Sale

CLICK HERE to see all of the items.

We carry sizes as small as size 3 and as large as size 20 in rings.

NEW search by your ring size CLICK HERE!

ALL items will ship TODAY!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our latest skull ring giveaway.

We are having several contest for ourย badass skull jewelry.

Today's Winner is...

Amanda Robertson Poplin of Marietta, South Carolina

Amanda, please send us a PM (Private Message) throughย our Facebook page HEREย letting us know you are the winner #4036 -ย 'Bad Company' 21 Skull's Skull Ring for liking, sharing and commenting on the video we posted.

Again, CLICK HERE to see all of the items.

Christmas in July Sale

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    J.R. Jackson
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  • Jul 27, 2016

    This is a awersome deal everyone should jump on it.

    โ€” barbara killough

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