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Name Me - WIN ME!

Here is a screenshot of the winner:

Patrick. congrat's on being the winner. Please email us from the above email address so we can verify you are the winner and tell us which size ring you would like. We screen capture the winner so we can see the date/time stamp. Please remember, it is the first person who made the name suggest which is the winner.

Name Me - WIN ME Contest!

Save an extra $3 off this ring by using code "win261" at checkout. CLICK HERE to order this ring.

All entries are date &Β time stamped. When we choose the final winning name we will award the ring to the person who suggested the name FIRST!

You may make as many name suggestions as you wish.

If you do not wish to order online you may call us toll-free at 1-866-457-5855 (1-866-45-SKULL)gorilla ape monkey ring

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We're located in Utah and all items ordered before 4pm are shipped the same day. If you don't like ordering online please call us at 1-866-457-5855 (1-866-45-SKULL)

Leave your name suggestion below.

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    J.R. Jackson
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