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Skull Jewelry Treasure Hunt

http://SkullJewelry.com has begun our 2015 treasure hunt where we will be hiding (caching) skull jewelry all over the World.

This is the first piece of jewelry we have hidden.

The winner will not only get to keep the piece of jewelry in the container but if their record a video or take pictures of them finding the treasure and post it on sites like; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,Twitter etc we will reward them with another piece of jewelry from our badass collection.

Here are the GPS coordinates:

Latitude: N 33 40.659
Longitude: W 114 04.911

Share one of the images above on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and be entered into a separate contest to win a piece of jewelry from http://SkullJewelry.com

For everyone visiting this site today use code "treasure" to save $8 off your order today AND receive FREE shipping and tax is included from http://SkullJewelry.com

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