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Winner of the Old School Keith Richards Style Skull Ring

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Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

The winner of the Old School Skull Ring ring is Tom Thomas from Kentucky!

Everyone else is a winner for the next 24-hours! Use code "oldschool5" and save $5 off the Old School Keith Richards Style Skull Ring in any size!

You can see more pics and sizes of the Old School Keith Richards Style Skull Ring here!

Tom Thomas please send us a message through Facebook telling us your ring size and we will create a special code for you to get the ring for free. We cover all tax, shipping and the cost of the ring so you do not pay anything!

Visit our Facebook fanpage and enter your name into several contests. Always make sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE for the best chance of winning.

You still have a chance to WIN a Old School ring! Re-post the pic below to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and receive multiple entries into next weeks drawing.


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