Care Instructions

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While we do manufacturer the majority of our items in stainless steel most of the fashion wedding/engagement type rings were bought from a jeweler who was going out of business. This means these rings are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable.

Black gold is popular due to its edgy, unique look. It makes for non-conforming, non-conventional jewelry choices and has an eye-catching, beautiful appearance.  Although there are other types of black metals used for jewelry, black gold comes with its distinct advantages.

What is black gold?

The original color of gold is the yellowish hue that everyone associates with the term gold. With new technologies and methods arising, varieties of gold have become popular, including rose, green, white and blue gold.

In the case of black gold, there are a few different ways to create the metal. Let’s take a quick look into what these are, without going into too much technical detail.


To form a black gold alloy, gold is mixed with another metal such as cobalt, usually to the ratio of 3 parts gold to 1 part metal. However, although this is called an alloy it is not really one. The black layer is only on the surface unlike other alloys where the metals are combined.


This is the more common method used for black gold. This is where the gold piece of jewelry is plated with a black finish, usually with black rhodium or ruthenium. The clear disadvantage with electroplating is that over time, the color wears off and replating will be required.

This is also the most affordable option. Rhodium plating is an industry standard and the rhodium gives the gold a shiny, polished surface.

Here are some special care instructions on how to take care of your new fashion ring.

1 - Wipe down your jewelry daily. If you wipe your jewelry down with a clean microfiber cloth after each use, you won’t have to clean it as often. Wiping it down daily also limits your jewelry exposure to water or anything that it might have been exposed to when you were wearing it that day.

2 - Limit exposure to things like; lotion, perfume etc. Since anything water-based can potentially tarnish your jewelry, even perfume and lotions can tarnish the finish.

3 - Store your jewelry properly. You might try storing the jewelry in ziplock bags. Designate one piece per bag. Put the jewelry in. Squeeze all the air out of the bag. Then close it. With the air removed, the metal cannot oxidize or turn green from exposure to the air.So, it will look cleaner and newer for a longer period of time. Keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box that has a closing lid and a velvet lining limits your jewelry’s expose to air as well and also keeps it from being scratched.

4 - Try spraying your jewelry with a clear gloss coat enamel spray. This is the equivalent of coating your goods with spray enamel, which gives them a uniform shine and ensures that the metal won't oxidize. Just take a sheet of wax paper and lay it on a table outside. Place your jewelry on it. Shake the can of spray enamel and hold about six inches away. Spray in short bursts until you've covered everything uniformly. Do not over spray, as a light passing over is enough. Make sure the stones are covered with clear or painter's tape. Also be sure to spray the backs of your jewelry.

5 - Changes in your body chemistry may cause a reaction between your skin and the jewelry that you’re wearing. This is because of the presence of sulfur/sulfides and amino acids that could be found in perspiration. The acidic nature of your sweat will often cause discolorations to your skin and/or your jewelry and may cause some of your fabulous pieces to fade. The most common way to protect your fashion jewelry is to put clear nail polish on the outside of jewelry to protect the finish from tarnishing.

We hope this information helps you to enjoy many years of use out of your new jewelry.

SHOWING WITH YOUR JEWELRY - if your jewelry is made of stainless steel you can wear it daily, shower with it, swim etc and it will never tarnish. The above information only applies to black gold, brass, rhodium type jewelry. The only exception is if the item has stones or has a 2 tone finish like gold-tone, blue, black etc. Extra care should be taken and because most stones are glued in they should never be worn while washing hands, showing etc.

ADJUSTABLE RINGS - these items are adjustable so cannot be made from stainless steel as it would be too hard to bend. Most are silver plated over a softer material like brass or rhodium. The problem you get into with softer alloys is they can tarnish if the wearer has high acidity in their skin. The best way to stop the tarnish is to cover the item with clear nail polish. This will put a bearer between the wearer and the item.