We Buy Broken, Used and Unwanted Jewelry

We Buy Broken, Used and Unwanted Jewelry

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c/o purchasing
10939 North Alpine Ste. 125
Highland, Utah 84003

We buy everything from gold, silver and platinum rings, pendants and necklaces to name brand watches. Old brooches, vintage jewelry, estate jewelry and more.

We even buy stainless steel jewelry.

We are not gemologist so we only pay for the raw material like; gold, silver, platinum, steel etc.

Currently we are paying 70% of spot price.

What is spot price?

The spot price is the current price in the marketplace at which a given assetโ€”such as a security, commodity, or currencyโ€”can be bought or sold for immediate delivery.

We can either send you payment for the jewelry or we pay 10% more if you would like to use the amount towards buying jewelry from SkullJewelry.com

When shipping items toย SkullJewelry.comย please make sure to indicate on the package that it is "c/o purchasing" which means "care of." The purchasing department will record each package and weigh each item for accuracy so we pay you the most we possibly can.

Turn that old, unused or
broken jewelry into cash!