Custom Jewelry

We receive 5-10 calls, emails and text messages each day asking if we can make custom jewelry and the answer is YES.

Please understand that if you are looking or 1, 2 or even 5 pieces of a custom piece of jewelry you will be better off both time and money by finding a local jeweler who will make the piece for you.

If however you are looking for quantity then you have come to the right please.

We specialize in custom STAINLESS STEEL; Rings & Pendants.

We DO NOT offer custom pieces in silver, gold, pewter or any other material. Only stainless steel.

We do charge an UPFRONT $49 consulting fee for custom pieces. This charge is #1 to discourage the tire kickers from taking up a lot of our time and #2 so we know you are serious.

The $49 is applied to your order if you decide to order your custom piece(s).



We have two pricing structures for custom items.

The normal price which runs anywhere from $9-$18 on pendants and $15-$23 for rings.

Or, 25% off if we can resell the item.

All customΒ items are your property and we will NOT sell your designs UNLESS we have your approval.

We would love to work with you on your new design and based on the design we can get the new designs in your hands within 4-6 weeks if we have a clear explanation of what you are looking for.

Please take a moment and submit the $49 consulting fee and when you receive the confirmation email respond to it and tell us what your idea is. If you have a sample please include a photo or a drawing.

Rings we require a minimum of 40 pieces of any one size ordered at a time. We can make rings as small as size 3 and as large as size 20. Pendants are 100Β pieceΒ  minimum. The price can go up or down based on weight and complexity of design.