Returns or Exchanges

Thank you for your recent order from SkullJewelry.com, we hope you enjoy your new skull jewelry.

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J.R. Jackson
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Frequently Asked Questions


Did you order the wrong size ring?

No worries. You may send it back along with $6.95 PER ITEM to cover shipping and handling (Outside of the U.S.A. please send $14.95 USD for exchanges). The $6.95 pays for our employees to re-process the item back into inventory, labels, bags, postage etc.

We do encourage you to review the website http://SkullJewelry.com to make sure the ring you desire is available in the size you need. And when sending an item(s) back we encourage you to TYPE out your info and return instructions instead of hand writing so we can process your return as quickly as possible.

Please make sure to bubble wrap each item individually as items not wrapped properly cannot be returned.

Did we ship you the wrong ring or wrong size?

Very sorry if we shipped the wrong item or the wrong size. While it does happen it is super rare.

You do NOT have to pay the per item return fee for our mistake. Please place the item in the package and write REFUSED on the package (not covering our address) and place in your mail box and the Post Office will ship it back to us at no cost to you. HOWEVER, sometimes refused packages are lost in the mail.

For better peace of mind you may go to the Post Office and have them ship the item back to us and they will provide a tracking# for you.

We process returns 1-2 times per week. If for example your tracking number shows we received the return on a Monday it is very possible that we may not get to processing returns until Thursday or Friday.

NO follow-up telephone call or email is required. If we have questions we will contact you.

We DO NOT accept checks, money orders or cashiers checks.

Please send CASH or PayPal to myskulljewelry@gmail.com

CLICK HERE to send the funds through PayPal

Send to

10939 North Alpine Hwy. #125
Highland, Utah 84003

NOTE: please make sure to send the ring back using a shipping system which can track your order and make sure to include a note with your order number and if possible please send a typed note explaining the return along with your full name as sometimes hand written notes are not legible.

Please NO long notes. A simple note saying switch ring #??? to size ? is fine. Returns with long notes are set off to the side and may be processed a day or two later as we need someone to read through the entire letter to figure out what needs to be done.



Did you purchase a skull jewelry item which contains stones? While most of our items have a one year exchange any SkullJewelry.com items which contains gem stones must be inspected and approved for exchange or refund within 24-hours of delivery. After 24-hours the return shipping and handling fee is $19.95 in the U.S.A. and $29.95 for the rest of the World.

Again if you received an item with a missing stone you MUST notify us within 24-hours of receipt in order to get a free exchange. After 24-hours we have no idea if an item has been dropped or damaged in someway and we cannot exchange those items for free.



Did you qualify for a free piece of jewelry?

If so it was added to the package. While we make every attempt to make the FREE item as close in size to the item(s) you purchased sometimes certain sizes are out of stock so instead of not adding an item we add an item which may not be the same size.

Many people use the FREE item as a gift for a family member or friend.

When doing an online review please do the review based on the item you paid for and not on the free item.



We now have the option of charging a 25% restocking fee per item for exchanges or refunds. We have had to put this policy in place due to competitors buying our designs only to knock-off our designs and then return all items for a refund.

Also, we have some customers who have abused the return policy by returning multiple items. For example, they buy a ring in size 10 only to return it for a size 11 and then return the size 11 for the size 10.

We work on a razor thin profit margin. Combined with our FREE shipping in the U.S.A. you can clearly see we can lose money rather quickly and it would not take long for us to begin losing money at the rate where it could put us out of business.

We charge the $6.95 per item return/exchange fee plus now optional 25% restocking fee as those fees go towards things like; paying an employee to open the package, return postage, envelopes, packages, letters, ink for the printers, power to keep the lights on and to run the computers and printers, internet etc. etc. Our employees do not work for free and we do not get free packing material, free internet, free rent, etc. etc.

I am sure 99.9% of the people reading this will understand.

A RA# (return authorization) number is required for all multi-order returns. Call 1-866-45-SKULL to receive a RA#. 

If you are returning one item or multi-items from the same order then an RA# is NOT required.

Again (as we get a lot of calls about this) if you are returning items ALL from the same order an RA# is NOT required. However, if you have several orders over the course of days, weeks or months and you need to return items from several of those orders then you need to request an RA# through email before sending those items back. RA#'s will NOT be given out over the phone or via text only through email at myskulljewelry@gmail.com



To see our full terms and conditions including our entire refund and exchange policy CLICK HERE.