Reward Points

Your Reward Points aka Stimulusย Package is now active.

Congratulations, you have earned $10.36 in Reward Points for last monthย which are issued on the 1st ofย the month and expire on the 4th at midnight!

We issue Reward Points on the 1st based on the previous months qualification.

Congratulations, it's like FREE Cash :)

Remember... If You Don't Use Them - You Lose Them!

Scroll too near the bottom of this page to watch a video on how to use your Reward Points.

Code: vip1036ย - scroll down for the details on how to save $10.36 off of orders of $25 or more.

Each month we calculate your Reward Points by several factors including; purchases, visits to the website, social interaction etc.

Reward Points are just like cash and can be used when checking out here at SkullJewelry.com

PLEASE NOTE: Reward Points DO EXPIRE and are set to expire if not used immediately.

If you do not use your Reward Points you lose them.

Your Reward Points Code: vip1036

The code 'vip1036' may be used onย orders of $25+ to save an extra $10.41

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If you are unsure of how or where to use the Reward Points code we have created this short video which will walk you through how and where to use your code.

Remember, all items are IN-STOCK and ready to ship (unless otherwise noted)!

We are based in Utah and all orders placed Monday-Saturday before 2:00pm are shipped the SAME DAY.

We offer a 30-day no questions refund policy as well as a 1-year exchange.

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* Reward Points do expire and are only good for one-time use. Also, no other discount codes may be used.

** Gift cards and k nives are not discountable using Reward Points.