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Damn someones panties are in a wad - lol. Some of these fucking people have a scarce mentality. I have an abundant mentally. I believe there is enough business for everyone.

Look at the address where there law firm is located. Its being ran from an office next to a closed up pasta bar - smh

June 1, 2021

Mr. J.R. Jackson
Skull Jewelry
10939 North Alpine Highway, Suite 125
Highland, Utah 84003
Re: Sanity Jewelry Trademark Infringement
Dear Mr. Jackson:
As you are aware, this firm represents Sanity Jewelry, LLC (“Sanity”), located at 5185 US Hwy.
1, Grant-Valkaria, Florida 32949. This letter is a follow up to the cease and desist letter dated
December 21, 2020 (the “Cease and Desist”) in which Sanity demanded you cease all infringing
activity related to your unlawful use of the SANITY JEWELRY trademark (USPTO Application
Serial No. 90340509) in connection to Skull Jewelry’s (“Skull’s”) deceitful Google Ad and
information on its website. The Cease and Desist is attached hereto and incorporated herein as
Exhibit A.
It has come to our attention that Skull Jewelry has resumed its infringing activity by utilizing
multiple versions of a new unlawful Google Ad in a further attempt to deceive consumers or to
cause confusion or mistake as to the origin or affiliation of Skull’s and Sanity’s goods. Skull’s
infringing activity is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit B. Skull’s infringing
activity is another ill-willed attempt to create the false impression that Skull’s goods originate from
Sanity, or that Sanity is somehow connected to or associated with Skull’s products. In light of this,
Sanity therefore renews its demand that Skull immediately cease such infringing activity, desist
from such infringing activity in the future, and comply with Sanity’s requirements set forth in this

In order to abstain from filing a lawsuit and seeking monetary damages, costs and attorneys’ fees,
Sanity demands that you do the following:
1. Immediately cease and desist using the phrase SANITY JEWELRY in Exhibit B in relation
to Skull’s services and/or products;
2. Immediately delete and destroy any advertisements, marketing and/or promotional collateral
in your possession and/or posts on any and all media outlets with the phrase SANITY
JEWELRY, including but not limited to any and all Google advertisements;
3. Direct all of your employees, officers, agents and assigns to immediately cease and desist
posting any reference to SANITY JEWELRY or any variation thereof, whether explicit or
implicit, on any website, application, platform or blog, and, refrain from posting any content
concerning the phrase; and,

4. Delete all residual images and videos that your company posted, or caused to be posted, on the
Internet or any social media site, or intra company postings, utilizing the phrase SANITY
JEWELRY, and direct all of your employees, officers, agents, assigns or others under your
control to do the same.

These proposed terms are not negotiable. Our client demands that all of these actions be
completed by June 9, 2021, and that you provide written proof that you have taken these
steps by that time. If you fail to comply with these demands in any way, Sanity will file a
federal lawsuit for trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and false advertising
under Section 43(a) (15 U.S.C. § 1125(a)) of the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. § 1051 et seq.) without
further warning.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.
Kind Regards,
/s/ Lema Khorshid
Lema A. Khorshid