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Laugh Now, Cry Later Rings (sold separate)

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Laugh Now, Cry Later Rings (sold separate)

In the heart of an ancient city, known for its mystical arts and brilliant artisans, there lived a master blacksmith, Frederick. He was famed across kingdoms for his extraordinary skills, creating masterpieces from common metals. One day, he was inspired to craft two rings, each with a unique life philosophy. After countless hours at his forge, two stunning rings were born from the fires and his hammer. They were formed of the toughest iron, treated and polished until they bore the grey sheen of gunmetal. The first was named 'Laugh Now,' and the second, 'Cry Later.'

'Laugh Now' was a marvel of early metallurgy, a perfect circle of polished iron with a gunmetal hue. The surface of the ring was delicately etched with the pattern of a laughing face, a symbolism of joy and happiness in the present moment. Its very essence was to remind the wearer of the beauty of laughter, of the importance of savoring the joys of the present. Any soul who wore the 'Laugh Now' felt a surge of liveliness, a compelling desire to enjoy life to its fullest.

On the other hand, 'Cry Later' was crafted with an equally stunning design, carrying the gravitas of future hardships. On its surface, Frederick etched a pattern of a crying face, symbolizing sorrow and trials of the future. 'Cry Later' bore the truth of life, that every moment of joy is often followed by times of hardship. Those who donned 'Cry Later' felt a quiet, solemn understanding of life's transient nature, preparing them for the inevitability of sorrow.

The rings, thus crafted, held a deep meaning in their iron bodies. They were a reminder of the impermanence of life, the cycle of joy and sorrow, and the need to accept and embrace both to truly live. In the heart of the ancient city, these rings became a testament to life's eternal philosophy - to 'Laugh Now' and be ready to 'Cry Later.'

Material: Stainless Steel

Rings are sold separately. Use the pulldown menu and add the Happy ring in the size you require and then use the pulldown menu again to choose the correct size for the Sad ring.

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