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Metal Keychain Clip with Black Leather Carrier and Dice (#kc023)

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Metal Keychain Clip with Black Leather Carrier and Dice

Dice are included and are contained in the leather case.

Material: Stainless Steel & Leather

Nah… we don’t mass produce our skull rings in some dimly lit factory with underpaid workers. Even though our prices are incredibly low, we believe in creating quality jewelry that’ll outlast you, your offspring and even your great grand badasses for generations to come.

This detailed hunk of 316L surgical stainless steel was forged to life by hands that can accurately air guitar no fewer than 10 Metallica riffs. It’s not only the highest grade of stainless steel in the jewelry industry, this is the same material used in architectural structures, marine environments, and even for plates and rods inside the body.

It absolutely will not fade… rust… corrode… change color… or leave stains on your fingers. Plus it requires no maintenance to retain its raw “fresh-out-the-box” machismo. You like… she likes… get one for each of you.


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