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Beach Wave Ring - 2 colors (silver tone or gold tone)

Weight: 1 gram
Material: stainless steel

Once upon a time, there was a single ocean wave named Breezy. Breezy was born deep in the heart of the ocean, rising up from the depths to crest above the surface in a burst of energy and power.

As Breezy grew and matured, she developed a personality all her own. She loved nothing more than the feeling of the sun on her face and the wind in her hair. She reveled in the freedom of riding the currents, moving ever forward towards new and exciting destinations.

For years, Breezy roamed the vast expanse of the ocean, encountering all manner of creatures and landscapes along the way. She saw towering cliffs and rolling hills, coral reefs and schools of colorful fish, and even the occasional ship passing by on the horizon.

Despite all the wonders she saw, however, Breezy knew deep down that she was destined for something greater. She longed to achieve the ultimate expression of her power, to rise up and crash down with all the fury and majesty of the ocean itself.

Finally, after years of waiting and watching, Breezy felt a great swell of energy building within her. She knew that this was her moment, her chance to fulfill her destiny and become the greatest wave the ocean had ever known.

With a mighty roar, Breezy surged forward, rising higher and higher until she towered over the surface of the ocean like a giant sentinel. Then, with all the force and determination of a force of nature, she crashed down upon the shore, exploding into a shower of foam and spray that echoed across the coastline.

In that moment, Breezy knew that she had achieved her true purpose. She had become the very embodiment of the ocean's power and majesty, a force to be reckoned with and respected. And though she knew that her time in the sun was limited, she was content, knowing that she had left her mark upon the world in a way that no one could ever forget.

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