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RED 1% Ring (#c571)

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RED 1% Ring

  • Metal: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Style: HardKnocker (aka; solid back)
  • Weight: 20.2 grams

The terms "1% ring" and "1%er ring," particularly when associated with the color red, are likely referring to symbols connected with motorcycle clubs, specifically those that are part of the "1%er" or "outlaw" motorcycle club culture.

  • Red 1% Ring: This could refer to a ring that is predominantly red and features the "1%" symbol. The color red might have specific meanings within certain clubs or contexts, but generally, the "1%" symbol is what's significant here. This symbol is used by outlaw motorcycle clubs to denote that they are part of the 1% of motorcyclists who consider themselves outside of the mainstream motorcycle culture, as defined by the American Motorcyclist Association. The color red could be related to a specific club's colors or could symbolize something specific within that subculture.

  • Red 1%er Ring: This is essentially the same in terms of symbolism. The "1%er" term is just a more explicit way of referring to the "1%" concept. Again, the red color might have specific connotations depending on the club or the context.

In both cases, these rings are likely to be worn as a symbol of membership or affiliation with a particular outlaw motorcycle club. The "1%" or "1%er" symbol is a key identifier in this subculture, and wearing such a ring would be a strong personal statement within this community.

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