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White Buffalo Bracelet - 2 Bead Sizes / Unisex (#977)

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Howlite Bracelet - Unisex (NOW available in 2 sizes)

Outside Circumference: 7-1/2"
Bead Dimensions: 0.31" & 0.51
Material: Howlite
Weight: 14 grams / 50 grams

Howlite (aka; White Buffalo or White turquoise)

Howlite was first discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, a Canadian geologist. Howlite is a soft, porous mineral composed of hydrated calcium borate. It is usually white with a mottled black, gray, or brown appearance. Howlite is often used in jewelry and carvings due to its unique properties. It is very lightweight and has a low specific gravity, making it relatively easy to work with. In addition, it is relatively soft and can be easily carved into intricate shapes and designs. Howlite has many uses. It is often used as a gemstone in jewelry and other decorative items. It is also used in the construction of beads, cabochons, and ornamental figures. Howlite is also used as a substitute for turquoise in jewelry and other carvings. The stone is said to have calming properties, and it is sometimes used to reduce stress and anxiety. Howlite is relatively inexpensive, making it a popular choice for jewelry and other ornamental pieces. It is also popular in the metaphysical community, where it is believed to be a powerful healing stone with the ability to promote emotional balance and reduce stress. It is also believed to aid in communication and enhance creativity. As a gemstone, Howlite is quite unique. Its unique mottled appearance makes it a stand-out choice for jewelry and carvings. Its low specific gravity makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that needs to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Finally, its metaphysical properties make it a powerful healing stone that can bring emotional balance and reduce stress.

In conclusion, Howlite is a unique and beautiful gemstone that has a multitude of uses. From jewelry to carvings to metaphysical healing, Howlite is a versatile stone with many benefits. Whether used as a decorative item or as a powerful healing stone, Howlite is sure to enhance any piece of jewelry or carvings.

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