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'White Buffalo' Stainless Steel Ring (#719)

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'White Buffalo' Stainless Steel Ring

The video below shows the darker stone, this version of the ring has a lighter stone. CLICK HERE to see the other version.

This exquisite ring from is crafted from beautiful howlite stone and makes a stunning statement.
The ‘White Buffalo’ ring won't put a dent in your wallet, made from a solid chunk of stainless steel on all sides for the classic you crave. Stylish and timeless, this one is destined to be your signature look!
This amazing piece of jewelry adds rockstar status to any look!
Get noticed and rock the night away.

Weight: 21.7 grams
Material: stainless steel with howlite

What does blue howlite symbolize spiritually?

Blue howlite holds significant spiritual meanings as it facilitates the realization and attainment of ambitions, while also preparing the mind to embrace wisdom and profound insights. It possesses the power to pacify unstable and tumultuous emotions, bringing about a sense of calmness. In the realm of spirituality, blue howlite serves as a catalyst for effective communication, enhancing one's awareness, and eliminating any barriers that hinder progress. Moreover, its ability to quiet the mind makes it an exceptional companion during meditation practices.

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The Howlite stone is considered to be a sacred stone of healing, protection and good luck by many Native American tribes. This beautiful stone is found in certain areas in Nevada, USA and consists of light blue and white colors with black and yellow veining.

The Howlite stone has been used as a symbol of protection and luck for centuries, with many tribes believing that it holds special powers.

In the Navajo culture, the Howlite stone is known to bring the wearer good luck, protection from harm and the power to heal. It is also said to bring about a connection to the spiritual world, and those who wear it will have a greater understanding of their own life’s journey.

The Howlite stone is thought to have a calming effect and to be a powerful stone for healing. It has been used to help with physical, mental and spiritual healing. It is believed to help reduce stress, aid in relaxation and help the person wearing it to connect to their inner self.

This stone is also believed to bring the wearer peace and harmony, and to help strengthen relationships.

The Howlite is a powerful stone, and its symbolism goes beyond its physical beauty. It is said to bring health, happiness, prosperity and good luck to those who wear it.

It is thought to be a powerful tool to help people navigate their life journeys, and to bring harmony and balance to the wearer.

In modern times, the Howlite stone has become a popular stone for jewelry and art. Many people choose to wear the stone for its spiritual and healing properties.

The stone has also become popular among collectors, and its popularity continues to grow.

The Hopwlite stone is a beautiful stone with a powerful symbolism and healing properties. Its beauty and spiritual significance make it an important stone for many Native American tribes, and it continues to be a powerful symbol of protection and good luck for those who wear it.

The Design Process:

When designing a piece of jewelry we begin with a simple pencil drawing like the one below:

pencil drawing initial design idea for the white buffalo ring

After the initial design is on paper we like to play with the image and make it come alive using 3d visualization software. This allows us to play with the design and share the design with our suppliers to get a better idea on what the finished piece of jewelry will look like and what the costs will be.

3d rendering of the white buffalo ring

3d rendering of the white buffalo ring in arizona desert


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